The Upcoming Election

The upcoming election is the biggest political fiasco that we’ve seen in the last century, with the exception of 9/11, but I won’t dwell into that.  We have an African American and a retired Vietnam Veteran running for the title of commander-in-chief.  Right away you see America split into each “contestant’s” corner rooting them on.  Minorities go for Obama and White redneck war-monger racists go for McCain. (generalities, of course)  Me being from a rural Pennsylvanian town, I should automatically be placed into the McCain category, but thankfully for the US and probably the world, there are a small number of Americans that actually care about policies and plans.

I for one see Obama as the lesser of two evils.  But, “OH NO, Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein!  He must be a terrorist!  Not another 9/11!!!!  Obama picked Joe  Biden as his running mate, thank god.  WAIT!  If you take letters from both of their names you get OSAMA BIN LADEN.  9/11 again!!!!!!!!!!!!”  This is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever heard.  Who in fact can back any of these claims up?  John McCain?  I think not.  Who started these claims?  The Republican Party?  Probably.

The other thing that Obama has going against him is that he plans on making the US a peaceful nation (God Forbid).  He hopes that he can spread the American way through peace and alliances rather than through brute force.  Although I do not agree with some of his policies (removing the right to bear arms for example), the chance that any bills like this would pass is highly unlikely.

Now for McCain, don’t think that I forgot about you, the only thing that you have going for you is that fact that you probably won’t change much of anything and that puts many Americans at ease.  You have to admit people in general do not like dramatic change.  What I’m finding out to be hurting McCain, atleast around here, is that he was a PoW in Vietnam.  On top of that, he could have been freed earlier, but decided to stay with the rest of the PoWs.  Now wouldn’t you think that would make him seem Patriotic and the perfect candidate for US?  In fact, this scares the piss out of people.  You can’t tell me he doesn’t have a grudge against the vietmanese or anyone people that would be considered a threat to America.  LET THE WAR BELLS RING!  BLOW THE HORN OF GONDOR THE AMERICANS ARE INVADING AGAIN.

BONUS POINTS FOR McCAIN—- He picked a woman as a running mate.  (here come all of the women’s votes towards McCain)  Do their names combine like the wonder twins into a terrorist name?  NOPE!


One Response to The Upcoming Election

  1. honjii says:

    he could have been freed earlier, but decided to stay with the rest of the PoWs

    People are using this to paint McCain in a positive light. However, anyone who has been in the military will tell you that they are instructed that if captured they have only ONE DUTY and that is to escape. By electing to stay in captivity was McCain shirking his duty to his country? If so, what kind of patriot or hero does that make him?

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