HP Slimline Series – why are you so damn hard to troubleshoot?

Being the “new tech guy” at my current job, fellow IT techs send any and all coworkers looking for discount computer help to me.  I’ve fixed countless computers before from broken power supplies to missing .dll files.  I seemed to be at the peak of my computer repair profession until a certain person brought their mother’s HP Pavilion Slimline s3027c desktop in for repairs.

HP Pavilion Slimline s3027c

HP Pavilion Slimline s3027c

When I recieved the computer it would turn on, but not display anything, not even the P.O.S.T.  I figured that it was an internal shorting the motherboard out.  Keep in mind that this computer is fully SATA.  I removed the CD drive first and powered the computer on and VIOLA! the computer booted.  I shut the computer down and proceded to go to my refridgerator and make myself a victory drink.  When I returned to the computer about 15 minutes later and attempted to turn it on, it booted but no P.O.S.T.

Needless to say, this pissed me off and ruined my short-lived victory.  So for shits and giggles I plugged the CD drive back in.  And to my surprise the computer booted again!  I had a sneaking suspicion that after letting it sit for 15 minutes it wouldn’t boot.  I was right…. I hate being right.

It seems that the computer is bored with its current setup and likes to be stimulated in order perform its intended tasks.

Next I decided to rule the CD drive out all together by putting it in my Dell XPS 410 system.  My system booted fine and the drive worked flawlessly.   I’ve tried swapping the SATA data cables in the broken PC with the ones in my PC but nothing seemed to work.

Pain in the ass Power Supply

Pain in the ass Power Supply

This leaves me with two possible suspects (maybe more?) the powersupply or the motherboard.  Being that this computer is compact in size, the power supply is, of course, oddly shaped and almost impossible to find online.  The computer itself is relatively new but the owner didn’t buy a warranty for it.  The only option I can see is contacting HP and seeing if it is possible to purchase a replacement power supply from them as well as bending over and paying an insanely outrageous price.

*UPDATE: I updated the firmware for the HDD and DVD Drive and the computer has booted without fault the last 10 times. Why I didn’t think of this sooner is beyond me!

*UPDATE: Computer won’t boot again. I swallowed my pride and called HP tech support for help. Needless to say that they’re baffled. So, I talked the owner into buying a new computer and salvaging parts from the broken one.

Feel free to post any suggestions to me or vent your HP Slimline gripes in the Comments:


66 Responses to HP Slimline Series – why are you so damn hard to troubleshoot?

  1. Philip DE B says:

    Just read your comments on the HP Slimline, I have (3) in my house and its been hard to understand what the problems come from. two models are the exact same and the other the next step up s3137c, AMD’s 4800+ & 5000+.
    the one I’m writing you this note is going back to HP tomorrow under warranty.
    Bought them at Costco with monitors. The problems were ( hard drive crash,)
    (2) HDTV tuner cards defective, and this one will lock up and not reboot inless I let it cool down for one day. I’m watching the CPU temp and it holds at 48c & 42c, when it gets hotter the fan comes on at around 57c high speed “lots of vibration and noise”.
    and then cools it back down. its brother machine I did remove the heat sink from the cpu and noticed that there was little to no thermal paste , when I put it on it worked great, and temp dropped about 10c on the 2 core#. All my mchines are still under HP warranty and I want them to relize that the quality control is very bad coming from ???
    I’m looking forward to see what the come up with this time. I’m thinking that these slimline units are short lived.

    • Francisco Sanchez says:

      I have two units, HP Pavilion Slimline s3127c PC, recently i decided to turn off the “saving energy” and all problems are gone, the computer most of the time stays on, if i tuned off, it will came on without a problem, it works very well.

    • Andrew says:

      Iv worked on old dell laptops that had a similar problem some how over time the BIOS gets corrupted or the previous Owner shut the system down carelessly wail there was a BIOS Flash Update in process, on some of there models the old ones that are in that navy blue textured plastic such as
      ( c1000 ) mostly u can do 1 of 2 things option 1 is hope to god there is a Bios recovery software for the system and try to fix it with some good old faith and patience. Or there’s Option 2 GET A BIG ass HAMMER AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT. If its not the bios check the insulators between the heat sinks and the GPU and CPU if there touching any metal it might be causing a short making the GPU or CPU think its over heating thus not letting it start up aging for a period of time. it might be a bad power supply for what ever resign but i think that the slim line power supply has an LED to show that the power is being delivers to the motherboard. as for the motherboard there might be a short but it might cause it no to turn on at all, the power supply should sense the short and kick off the power to protect its self. other than that i don’t know 😀 iv been working on computers for 6 years just about every system has some flaws some more than others but it might just be hp or its supplier don’t really have quality control that they used to.

  2. erin says:

    I performed a system recovery on my slimline, the machine went through the whole process booted up, explained it was now doing updates, however most of the updates failed, the computer turned off and now I show a greten light in the back of the pc but when I press the on button in the front NOTHING… the computer has never come on again I am a single mother with kids in school. I actuallly took on a temporary part time second job in order to make sure they had a computer, I called hp and they are unwilling to talk to me regarding the issue unless I pay them fifty dollars for there time.

  3. The Jim Report says:


    Might I suggest that you try talking to HP over their online chat system. I find that they are less likely to charge you for assistance if you talk over the internet.

    Also, may I suggest that you buy your computers bigger from now on. They may not look as trendy and hip as the slimline, but they will be easier and cheaper to fix. If you do decide to buy a tiny computer again, may I suggest that you buy a 3 yr warranty with it.

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Barry says:

    I had same sitiation in serice work for a s3137c – Sometimes will will power up and sometime won’t – If I switch off and the power bar where the computer and monitor connected to and rest for 1 minute then power back on again, it might work, and sometimes when power on the computer but no video through out, and I pressed down power button to shut it down, and also unplugged the power cord, after 1 minute plugged it back into the computer and the computer came up on without pushing the power button and the o/s started running, but when I download the update and the it required reboot, then the computer with not shutdown and the video is gone, even I shutdown the computer and power it back on again still could not see any video, I have to do the same power off thing as mentioned above and then can bring the system back to work – but whole know what will will happen next by using it? This kind of strange matters I noticed mostly had happened in AMD CPU motherboard models.

  5. Deborah says:

    My mother (what is it with mothers and the HP Slimline Series?) has a HP Pavilion S3015 which occasionally refuses to boot up. Lately though on switching on, the screen displays the following message: ‘Monitor Status: VGA Input, no input signal’ and then ‘Monitor going to sleep.’ Have checked all connections and all fine. Mother says she didn’t get a manual with the computer. Attempts to trouble-shoot on-line hasn’t produced anything useful (other than your website!)

    • The Jim Report says:

      You could always try talking HP online chat support. Usually they don’t charge if you contact them that way. Good Luck and I’m glad my blog could confirm how terrible the slim lines are. haha

  6. Deborah says:

    Thanks for suggestion. I did use HP online support and the responses were very prompt although the advice pretty generic and impersonal. They suggested reseating the CMOS battery but after following their instructions, there was no improvement. A colleague from the IT dept at work took a look and diagnosed a faulty Power Supply, which apparently costs around £100 to replace and my elderly poor pensioner Mum only bought the computer 18 months ago! He also discovered from various blogs (maybe including this one!) that Power Supply is a common weakness on HP Pavilions. Not sure what to do now. Colleague has suggested going back to the seller and thumping the counter a bit, insisting computer is not ‘fit for purpose.’
    Thank you Jim Report for providing an opportunity for me to rant and let off some steam.

  7. Dennis says:

    My wife’s had a Slimline for a bit over two years and its had all sorts of software problems that I’ve been able to sort out so far but UI’ve been surprised by the hardware shortcomings – small issues like the power button and the CD doors.
    The hardware problems I credit to the crappy Windows Media Center OS, but the hardware is just inexcusably sloppy. I also have this feeling in head that the small footprint is the cause of heating problems along with a too-low capacity fan.
    Its wierd but I’ve used eMachine el cheapo desktops in my business for 7 years now and they performed admirably. HP machines to my friends and I are the Yugos of the computer industry, desktops or laptops.

  8. Andy says:

    Mitch, did the new power supply fix the issues with the power off, Power on, no video issue? I am having the same problem. I power mine on, but no video. Wait 15 minutes, it comes on fine, then freezes once booted.

  9. Tim McGuire says:

    The “HP Pavilion Slimline s3027c desktop” is one of many models that HP has extended the warranty an extra 12 months (total of 24 months from the date of purchase) or until December 31, 2009, which ever comes first for the problem you described. It may qualify for a new mother board. Unfortunately the two Slimline’s I have that exihibit the same symptoms, are not the models listed for the extended warranty.

  10. Deborah says:

    I managed to take advantage of the extended warranty for the mother board fault but when returned, it still wasn’t working, so sent it back again. It did come back fixed the second time but six months down the line, exactly same problem has occurred and it’s going back yet again. Mum’s HP Pavilion Slimline saga continues….

  11. hp g60-530us says:

    I have been visiting this blog for some time now, i have just subscribed to your RSS so i can i get updates on a regular basis. Keep up the good work!

  12. My brother would appreciate this post. We were not too long ago talking about this. lol

  13. kait35 says:

    Bought a Pavilion s3137c from someone who didn’t need it anymore. They bought it new from Costco in early 2009. I have had it since October 09. Motherboard has already been replaced under warranty. It has Vista Home Premium on it. It has run fine but after being on for a while the video gets distorted with either vertical or horizontal lines and the system locks up. It was infrequent enough that I ignored it and just rebooted when it happened. I bought Windows 7 upgrade and the problem happens EVERY time I have tried to do the upgrade. Had Microsoft support on the phone. Did a complete backup,format HD,and custom install. Still locks up at the end of the upgrade from the video. Not sure if it’s the onboard video or power supply. Has to be one of those. Any suggestions???

  14. Xavo says:

    This Damn crap make me feel like a retarded, I did exactly what you did but nothing keeps the computer running for more than 1 minute, it sucks, i have no idea of what’s going on with HP or nvidia, I think it’s a GPU and Power supply issue, you mix-it and VOILA! you get this crappy computer…

    By the way, I spend more time Find it what’s wrong with the computer, than searching for the answer.

    • The Jim Report says:

      I do have to agree that this computer is a lemon. Honestly, most people I’ve assisted with this opt out and buy a new computer rather than try and patch this one up. The overall layout of the components are terrible for heat dispersion (which I think is the underlying problem).

  15. dave stevens says:

    Yeah the slimline pavillion range well most of including this one the s3015uk we had in for repair suffers from crappy faulty temperamental Nvidia GPU (graphics processor unit) giving symptoms of intermittent power up post and video display when it wants to rare when the fault starts occuring .. keyboard initialises on boot but dead on post.. fans have kicked in .. dvd draw opens.. tears your hair out… occaisionally it works and then you are tempted to leave it on for the rest of its life… not recommended lol.. HP did extend the warranty for one more year but its pretty hard to enforce unless you kept original warranty cards .. receipt of purchase etc and registered the damn thing with both grand parents when purchased lol..
    Just will give one word of warning as we had to take the repair on at least 18 months ago .. i believe the unit was about 14 mths old and had cost about £599.
    Be careful buying another motherboard .. as we had diagnosed to either motherboard and power supply combination..
    As the one we got from China around £45.00 was working ok for the first week.. then went into the same symptoms as the original…so you are on a loser unless HP dont supply you with better motherboard set up etc..
    So agree with Xavo above .. the engineering electronic partnership between the power supply and motherboard GPU is a bad concoxtion we have given up on.. so will now be searching for upgrades for a very nice casing or using for spares lol…

  16. Al says:

    Have a s3137 model and right now it will not boot, and no video. I previously bought and install a power supply from HP also had problems with the video, as discribed above. Installed nvideo card that seem to solve my problem until a couple of weeks ago when it started the no boot issue , I have removed the nvideo card and also wireless keyboard and mouse combo. This fixed it for about a week. Now waiting for a day does not solve the boot issue. Bad new I can’t find my recovery disks. I will look for a new computer. I need to save the space.


    • The Jim Report says:


      Your problem seems to be video related. A common problem that effects most computers is a mismatch between on-board video and the video card. This occurs within the BIOS. Basically what happens is the BIOS decides that it wants to use the other video output or a nonexistent one by itself.

      The way to fix that is to look for the CMOS battery located on the motherboard and remove it. This will reset the BIOS settings back to manufacturer default. The battery will look like an over-sized watch battery. Once its removed, unplug the computer and let it sit for a minute. After that, put the battery back in and plug the PC in and try and turn it on.

      Let me know how that works for you!

  17. MJK says:

    I own an s3027c. Got it from my sister/brother in law after it quit working for them and Best Buy told them it would cost $800 to fix. Pretty funny huh? Anyway, I did some research and found out about the mobo recall. So I had the mobo replaced by HP under warranty. 5 months ago, it stopped worked. Wouldn’t boot up. I left it alone and came back to it just the other day on a whim. To my surprise it started up. Got me excited so I went out and bought some more RAM to bump total to 2G. Then I bought a low power video card with a huge heat sink thinking that combination (low power/heat sink) was the best for this mico box. Installed it all, everything was great and I was feeling good. Was even thinking about getting a tuner card and using it for a DVR with Media Center. Then the fan kicked on and seemed to stay on continuously. Then suddenly, it shut down. tried restarting several times and I get into Windows, and start running apps, and before too long it shuts down again. So that’s where I am right now. I assume I have a heat problem. Wondering about the power supply though…..would a bad / intermittent power supply unit cause it to shut down? If so, I can get a 300W PSU at GeekCenter for about $60. If that would fix it I would pull the trigger. Any suggestions?

    • The Jim Report says:


      As with any slimline/micro desktop PC, heat is a big problem. As you’re probably aware, motherboards come equipped with a heat sensor that is set to kill power to the PC once a certain heat limit hits. From what you said it sounds like a heat problem.

      For starters, try taking the cover off and letting the computer run. This will disperse the heat quicker and will confirm or deny the heat problem. If the computer seems to stay on with the case open, then it may be a more sound idea to add another case fan or replace the current one with something better.

      Let me know how that works out for you!

      • B. J. says:

        Thanks! I’ve been trying to figure out what happened to the power on my mother’s Slimline all day. I’ve had it apart, blown out the dust, checked for loose screws (none) or fraying wires (nothing seems frayed), and so on. Desperate for more ideas, I started looking around the web, found this page and started reading. I got to here, tried turning on the computer while the case is off (it happened to be in that state anyway), and — it worked! Windows showed up right away and all was well. Now I guess we’ll just have to leave the cover off and erect some kind of tent over the open computer to keep the dust out. Thanks again!!

      • The Jim Report says:

        I’m glad I could help

  18. kevin ryan says:

    I purchased mine 2 years 3 months ago from john Lewis – same problem. If you speak to HP tech support can they confirm the extension on the warranty??

    • The Jim Report says:

      I’m sure if you contacted HP support that they’d be able to give you more information. I find it a lot easier to talk to HP support through their online chat system rather than over the phone.

  19. Thierry says:

    I have a Slimline S3027C that was working fine until I bought a laptop and did not use it for about 4 months…I started the thing and a loud fan noise comes out and the PC shuts itself after a few minutes of use, sometimes 2/3 minutes and sometimes 10 or so.
    When it does run for awhile and does not heat up, everything works fine but then the fan located on the heat sink goes on loud and then the PC shuts off!
    I removed the heat sink and used compound but nothing good came out…it still has the same issue.
    I was told that the power supply could be at fault and its not cheap to buy or the motherboard is faulty, which is it?
    I can replace either one but would like to know for sure which part is defective.
    I can’t run PC doctor because the computer crashes instantly after start up…

    • The Jim Report says:


      Its really hard to say what the cause of your problem is from here, but what I can do is give you a few things to try and narrow it down.

      Open the case up so that you can see all of the parts of the computer. Turn it on and let it run until it shuts off again. Once it shuts off, try to see where most of the heat is being generated from. The biggest factors of heat are the Power Supply, CPU, and hard drive. If any of those components are incredibly hot, it could be causing the motherboard to shut the computer down as a safe-guard.

      Also, check to see if all of the fans in the case are running once the computer is turned on. Most computers have a CPU fan, power supply fan, and a case fan. If any or all of those fans aren’t running, that could cause a problem as well.

      One other thing worth mentioning: If when you have the case open and the computer doesn’t shut off, that will lead me to believe that its a ventilation issue. In that case inspect the case fan. If there isn’t a fan, it may be worth purchasing and installing one.

      I hope that helps!

  20. Thierry says:

    I have removed the computer cover and the same issue is happening, I can see the fan spinning really fast to cool off, I guess, the cpu and then it shuts off!
    I’ve been reading horrible stories about the Slimline model from HP, they all seem to have issues with the Mobo or power supply…
    A lesson to learn for future purchase…

  21. Barrie Glidden says:

    HP Pavilion Slimline s5603w

    I new this computer was crap when I saw it on walmart’s store shelf. But it came with a monitor, and the price was low, and if I didnt have a conmputer that day, I was going to go insane. A couple weeks later, as my saving built up I bought an nvidia 430Gt for. I had limited options, needing a low profile card. Also at the same time I purchased a replacement PSU (more watts) so that I could run the new card and upgrade the cpu later. I am upgrading this again with a new mobo, quad core AMD and 4gigs of ddr3. I also want to get rid of the stock heatsink and fan, so I need to find one that will fit in this slimline case, any suggestions??

  22. The Jim Report says:


    I don’t have the slimline in front of me but it looks like this one may work. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835186035 I did some research and it appears that the CPU on that PC uses the AM3 socket. That heatsink/fan combo seemed to be the shortest in stature and most promising.

    **Like I said, I can’t guarantee that it will work since I don’t have one in front of me**

    Let me know how that works out for you and thanks for reading!

  23. Bobby Blu-ray says:

    I bought an empty Slimline case on eBay and noted that it uses a mini-ITX power supply. I’ve ordered an Apevia 250-watt unit that should arrive at about the same time as the case. The innards will be a Gigabyte H67 mini-ITX mainboard and Core i3 2100 CPU.

    I’ll let y’all know how it works. It’s a lot cheaper than the $800 HP quoted for a repair. I already have a newer HP Slimline case built out with Gigabyte H67 micro-ATX board, Core i5 quad-core, HIS 6570 video card, and Seasonic 300-watt power supply. Works a treat so far.

    • The Jim Report says:


      Any update on how that worked out for you?

      • Bobby Blu-ray says:

        The Gigabyte board did not fit, as the CPU was too close to the optical drive. A Foxconn board did fit, but the cooling seemed poor as the CPU fan was turning at high speed. I have a 35-watt low power CPU that I’m going to try out.

        Apart from that, the innards, including the Apevia power suppply, worked with the case.

  24. bro bell says:

    Iam working on a friends hp slimline s3700y window vista and when I push the power botton it comes on to the hp screen an freeze.I took the hard drive out and put it in a black X eSATA box to test the HDDrive ,It had not virus with avg but i was able to see file on the hdd, so I say it is good. put it back in to see if the hdd was booting up, well it is spinng. all fan are on .If i push f8, f10, f11, or escape it says booting 1 day later still booting. help

    • The Jim Report says:

      bro bell,

      Sounds like a hardware conflict. What I would try is remove the memory and any expansion cards you have in (leave the CPU in). Turn the computer on and see how far you get this time. If you’re able to get into the BIOS setting, then we’ve proved that its one of the components that you’ve removed is causing the problem. From there start putting each piece back in and booting the computer. Keep doing so until you are able to recreate the problem. Once the problem happens again, you’ll know that that piece of hardware is the problem.

      If that doesn’t fix it, it could be a bad bios setting. To fix that, pull the battery out of the motherboard (looks like an oversized watch battery). and pull the power cable out of the back of the computer. Hold the power button down and you’ll hear the fan start and stop (that discharges any built up electricity left in the power supply). Leave it unplugged for about 30 seconds. Then plug the computer back in and boot it. See how far you get this time. If it boots, shut the computer down and put the battery back in. This will most likely screw up your system’s time but you can easily change that back to the correct time.

      Let me know if any of this helps.

  25. bro bell says:

    HP Pavilion Slimline s3700y – Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6 GHz

  26. Bobby Blu-ray says:

    I have updated the machine with the 35-watt CPU, but it’s still as loud as a hair drier.

  27. Bobby Blu-ray says:

    I have a new 220-watt power supply on order that has the fan mounted at the front and blowing out through an expansive grille at the back. It is also 80-Plus rated.

    I’ll post back on the results.

    As for my other HP slim (the later design), it has done yeoman duty and is very quiet. However, this model employs a TFX power supply with a much larger fan, plus a 92mm side cooling fan. (I have an Antec Tri-Cool installed.)

  28. Bobby Blu-ray says:

    The new power supply is installed and quiet, as is the rest of the system. The fan blows from the back on, and its intake is not restricted by the case. Also, the power supply is rated as 80 Plus, which means it converts 80% or more of its input power into usable power and not heat. So far, I like it!

    Here it is: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817104080

    So far, so good! Note that a left-angle SATA power adapter was needed.

    I can add a picture, if anyone is interested.

  29. Chris says:

    I have a slimline s5120f. I willl not power on. Immediately after the power is turned on it cuts out. Occasionally it stays on for 60 seconds but never posts. I took out the cpu and it stays on. I’m waiting for a used cpu to see if that solves is the problem. I also bought a new power supply. That will be my next try if the cpu fails. If neither work then the motherboard could be shot. I’m not sure if I’ll go that far.

  30. Bobby Blu-ray says:

    A further refinement in the form of a low profile Silverstone cooler: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835220034

    It boasts a copper core and an engineered-for-silence fan, and runs cooler than the stock G620T heatsink and fan while being significantly more quiet (the fan is turning at half the RPM!).

  31. who922 says:

    I am having the same problem with a friends slimline 5117c. It powers up and I get no video. Put in an external card and still no video. I changed the cmos battery and no video. I took the memory out and no beeps. I tried another power supply I have and NO VIDEO! I get power to all three fans, but nothing else.I am guessing motherboard at this point. Any ideas?

    • The Jim Report says:


      Try unplugging the cmos and the power from the computer. Hold down the power for 10 seconds, this will discharge any electricity stored in the Psu and motherboard. Doing this should set the cmos back to default settings. Finally, plug everything back in and power it on

  32. Francisco Sanchez says:

    I have 2 HP Pavilion Slimline s3127c with the same problem as everyone else, I had try everything and nothing was good, I took to a repair computer, his ideas were worst then mine, so one day I decided to turn off the “energy saving,” by turning the energy saving the computer stays on all the time unless you decided to turn it off, since that time I lived on, but sometimes i turned off, and the computer now started every time i wanted without a problem, it appears that’s the problem with the computer, it works perfectly, no problem.

  33. Zeek V says:

    Hi all. Great stuff I am reading here, which may help me, but I had and added event. First thing I noticed with my slimline was that the fans were stopped and the power button stayed illuminated. I pressed and held the power button since there was no display to shutdown properly. I attempted to power it back on after 10 seconds but same state happened again, power button illuminated and nothing else. I decided to leave it unplugged while at work and check it out when i got back. maybe 4 hours later my wife plugged it in and turned on the computer and she told me, over the phone, that it stayed on mayber 10 minutes then she heard a ,”pffffft!” then could smell that lovely burnt electronics smell. she shut down and unplugged it til I got home. sure enough it had that burnt electronics smell. I just attempted to power it on and it did, but less than 3 minutes later it shut off again. once it a while when I pass by my recently “boat anchored” slimline I press the power button and it illuminates and the fans barely do a roll and it is still again. Any first things to check now that I have time to sit down and troubleshoot? I have looked inside and haven’t seen anything obviously burnt. I am suffering from gaming withdrawal since that was the only PC powerful enough for gaming since I added a better video/graphics card to it last year.

  34. Bobby Blu-ray says:

    I just updated my build with a Cooler Master Vortex heatpipe fan; this unit seems almost tailor-made for the HP Slimline, as it positions its fan within a quarter inch of the case grill, thus doubling as a much needed case fan. Furthermore, unlike standard CPU coolers, this design will direct the airflow over other parts of the mainboard, helping to cool the components there.


  35. Luis Duran says:

    reflow video chip and you all be ok and install a bigger heat sink on the chip those nvidia video chips sucks

  36. Luis Duran says:

    don,t buy a computer with nvidia chip, and you going to be ok…

  37. Bobby Blu-ray says:

    I updated my Slimline with a Core i7 3770 with 4000 integrated graphics, which allowed for dispensing with the 6450 discrete video card.

  38. Quintrala says:

    I immediately noticed when I opened the computer the heat problem. It’s so bad the the CPU paste has distribute around and was even all over the power connector from power supply to motherboard. It definitely has no space to breath so no matter has many times is fixed, unless at least the CD/DVD is removed, it will repeat. Then, there’s no point in removing those. Therefore, this is a lemon. Total lemon.The option to leave the cover off is good but then dust can and will damage the motherboard so, no solution but buying a new one. Never choose slim again. I’m an A+ certified computer tech. This slimlines are definite lemons

    • The Jim Report says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I tend to suggest full size towers to people in the market for PCs rather than these niche machines. They’re mostly proprietary and a pain to fix.

  39. Bobby Blu-ray says:

    The Cooler Master Vortex may fit; it doubles as a case fan, pulling outside air into the case, and also cools the surrounding chipset, as it’s a heatpipe cooler.


  40. Bobby Blu-ray says:

    These machines overheat because there’s no case fan. If you can replace the stock heatsink and fan with a Cooler Master Vortext, that flaw is corrected, giving the machine normal cooling.

    Typically, a desktop case will have a single 92mm fan for air input. However, the Slimline does not have a case fan, and instead relies on the power supply to ventilate the case. That’s inadequate.

  41. DC says:

    I just fixed one, it had sporadic random cutting out, which eventually developed to barely staying on for 10 seconds. Removed the heatsink to discover a ludicrously thin layer of thermal paste. Cleaned the old stuff off and applied a new layer, the computer is fixed.

  42. billy says:

    change cpu. Looks O.K ! , But cpu is bad.

  43. Kimo Bajo says:

    Hp has gone to SHIT!

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