I’m tired of seeing those god forsaken MAC commercials!

October 23, 2008

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

“I’m a MAC, I’m cool, hip, and can have any girl I want!”  “I’m a PC, I have seasonal allergies and get off to WoW!”  Freaking stereotypical bullshit.  I refuse to watch any movies with Justin Long in them due to the fierce amount of anger I feel when I see him.  I don’t even understand how MACs can be trendy!
What is it that kids find so awesome in MACs?  Is it the awesome 1 button mouse?  Or perhaps how outrageously expensive they are?   Better yet, maybe the pretty multicolored loading wheel?

The only people I could possibly see owning a MAC is, at best, graphic art students due to the MAC’s hardware performance and exclusive software.  Otherwise, buy a freaking PC with Windows on it!  Hell, buy a PC and put Ubuntu on it!

It just drives me crazy of how high and mighty Apple thinks they are… Oh! well they did come out with the iPod, so therefore they must be the greatest thing since nipple slips.  Ipods, in my opinion, are the biggest rip off ever (with the exception of the iPod touch).  I recently bought a Sansa mp3 player which is basically an ipod for 3/4 of the price an iPod.  Why are people paying an extra 40-100 dollars for the apple logo?  Because they are slaves to trends.

I’m just glad that Microsoft has finally started firing back with their weird assed Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld and “I’m a PC” ads!

Let me know what you think on this subject by participating in my poll!

***BONUS POINTS****   Steve Jobs,  please wear a different colored shirt for the love of god!!!!!!!!!!!!


Analog Fax Machine over Ethernet (The Ghetto Way)

October 18, 2008

It was recently brought to my attention that we do not have a fax machine at my place of business.  Keep in mind that I work for a fortune 500 company which likes to keep up with emerging technology.  Apparently users have been complaining amongst themselves about our lack of fax machines but decided to not bring it to my attention.  It wasn’t until a programmer was unable to send a fax to a software company for it to come to my attention.  It turns out that our office Copier/Scanner also has a built in Fax Machine.  Regrettably, there are no phone jacks located near the copier.

What I had planned to do was purchase a Cisco modem (we’re mainly a Cisco ran company) which would convert the analog fax machine into an IP fax machine.  From there our network admin could assign a number to it through Cisco call manager.  My boss however decided that this would be a waste of money and suggested that I figure a way to hook it up for next to nothing.  Like stated previously, there are no phone jacks near the fax machine.  In fact, there’s probably only about 5 phones jacks in the building. Yes that’s right, we are strictly VoIP.   This means, of course, that I have a plethora of RJ45 wall jacks to choose from.

RJ45 half of my RJ11 to RJ45 cable.
The RJ45 half of my RJ11 to RJ45 cable.

After mapping out where the closest ethernet wall jack ran and where the analog phone lines are terminated I brainstormed a resolution.  Luckily, the ethernet patch panel and 66 block (phone patch panel) are loacted in the same room.  What I figured was my best plan of action would be to run a CAT5 cable, with a RJ11 connector on one side and a RJ45 connector on the other, from the fax machine to the wall plate.  From there I would run another CAT5 cable from the patch panel to the 66 block.

Blue CAT5 cable punched down on the 66 block

Blue CAT5 cable punched down on the 66 block

Once I had all of the cables crimped and installed, the final step was to map the fax machine to one of our phone numbers.  To do this, I simply punched the ethernet wires down parralell to a phone line that has a number leased from the phone company and then conected the two connections with briding clips (the silver clips shown on the picture to the left).
I searched for hours looking on a how-to for this topic with no luck, that is why I decided to document this.  Consider this a starting point for people who are in the same predicament.

My switch to Ubuntu

October 10, 2008

I’ve recently switched my laptop from Windows XP to Ubuntu (about 4 months ago) because of all of the great things I’ve been hearing about Linux and Ubuntu.  When I first switched, I was weary about how complex it might be and what kind of challenges I might encounter trying to do common tasks.  To be honest, if I didn’t have a friend that knew how to run Linux via command line or the GUI, I would have abandoned my quest for Linux knowledge.  Its not that Ubuntu was all that hard to use, it just that it was DIFFERENT.

Maybe this is just a sign of age (i’m only 22) or maybe I just grew too attached to XP.  I’m guessing its the latter of the two.  But once I got l the ittle things ironed out, like installing the correct flash package through synaptic package manager (I originally downloaded a flash package that blocked all flash objects on webpages, which pissed me off!), Ubuntu began to grow on me. For the record, I’m am still using XP on my XPS410 desktop mainly for compatibility and as a reference (I’m a computer tech).
It ran smoothly, quickly and rarely froze.  Some of the features that I liked:

Graying out of windows

When a program freezes or takes longer to respond than normal, the window will turn gray.  I find this to be a nice feature mainly because it lets you know that something is hung-up in the program.  Whereas in Windows when you click something you and it takes a while to load, you’re not sure whether it froze or is running slowly.  And I know from experience if you try to click a frozen window it just whites out and you have a hell of a time closing it.

Synaptic Package Manager

This handy little tool pretty much allows you to download and install almost every program, plugin, etc… that is meant for Ubuntu.  Its really simple, just open it up, search for what you want, download, and install.  Its a pretty sweet deal!

FREE $$$$$

Everything is free!  For you who do not know, Ubuntu can be downloaded free of charge here!  Simply download the ISO file and burn it to a CD and viola! You’re good to go.

If you’re still weary about whether or not you want to make the switch to Ubuntu, you can try it out without installing it on your computer.  Just put the Ubuntu CD into your computer and restart and boot from the CD.  Ubuntu will then ask you for a language and whether or not you want to try it out or install it.

Two Beers. Two Reviews

October 9, 2008

I’m writing this now as I drink two different types of beer and attempt to play NCAA 09.  I’ll admit now that I’m terrible at playing NCAA and am extremely pissed because of the shit calls by referees and the AI.

Anyway, back to why I’m writing this.  Due to an excess amount of money this paycheck, I have decided to buy two different types of beer and review them for my wordpress viewers (if I have any.)  The two types of beer I’ve bought are Stella Artois (a Belgium Lager), and Dundee Oktoberfest. This only reflects my tastes and in no way am I a professional taste tester.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois

Stella Artois which is self described as a  “Belgium Lager Beer” is only half of what it claims to be.  It’s, in my opinion, more beer than lager.  To be honest, it isn’t too bad even though it lacks in the lager taste.  Stella Artois at first tastes like seltzer water with a hint of hops.  But, after getting through half of the bottle it began to grow on me.

Recommendations: If you are someone who likes alot of alcohol for your buck, this is pretty efficient at killing brain cells.  With a alcohol percentage of 5.2%, this beer seems to compensate its lack of taste with its alcohol content.
Cost: Stella Artois costs only $7.25 in Central Pennsylvania which is relatively low for an imported beer.

Rate: 6/10

Dundee Oktoberfest

Dundee Oktoberfest

Dundee Oktoberfest is a formidable player in the seasonal beer category.  It has a very thick stout taste much like Sam Adams Octoberfest.  Although its texture is much like Sam Adams’ version, its taste is very much the opposite.   It has a mediocre porter taste to it with a hint of pumpkin spice (or so it seems.)

Recommendation: I recommend this for anyone who is a beer enthusiast.  That is, anyone who enjoys beer for its taste and not for its effects.  Although, Oktoberfest does have a  5.5% alcohol content which is higher than most of its counterparts, it is, in my opinion, better savored slowly.

Cost: $8.25

Rate: 7/10

Sarah Palin… What was the topic again? Oh that’s right taxes!… I think

October 2, 2008

I just finished watching the debate, and have to say that it was not surprising.  After watching multiple youtube videos of Palin screwing up interviews and dodging subjects, I figured it was just the media making her look like an idiot.  Thankfully, live TV proved that she is INDEED a total moron.
Lets get the “GOSH GEE GOLLY” out of dodge!

Sarah Palin, the dodge queen. Example:

Moderator:  “We have heard of your lack of experience being your Achille’s heel, but what in fact do you consider your Achille’s heel?”

Palin: “I am very knowledgeble in domestic oil and McCain will appoint me in charge of these matters.  Also,  I am a family person and have seen how American’s are in desperate need of relief.”

HOW IN THE HELL IS ANY OF THAT YOUR ACHILLE’S HEEL?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Sure, the above statement is not an exact quote, but its pretty much represents her answer.   Every one of her answers to Biden were about different subject than the one they were currently on.  Biden was talking about Iraq, Palin was talking about taxes. WTF?!?!?

Reality TV will ultimately be our downfall!

I do not watch Reality TV first hand, but have multiple family members who do and tell me about it constantly.  And what seems to happen on these shows is that someone important critiques someone who is crappy at what they do which in turn causes Americans to feel sorry and vote that person through to the next round.  Ultimately, these people don’t win the contest, but come damn close.  This can be seen especially in American Idol.  If Simon hates someone and they’re cute, you best bet your bippies to see them next week.

This could be how this election goes.  Palin is constantly under fire by everyone for her terrible interview and now I’m sure about the debate.  This could, and probably will, kick that pity switch in American’s heads which will then in turn cause them to vote for McCain/Palin.  Kinda like how you have that warm feeling in your stomach when you see an underdog come above the bullies.


*Now temporarily against my own statement, does anyone else think of the mom from Bobby’s World and Palin sound alot alike?