Sarah Palin… What was the topic again? Oh that’s right taxes!… I think

I just finished watching the debate, and have to say that it was not surprising.  After watching multiple youtube videos of Palin screwing up interviews and dodging subjects, I figured it was just the media making her look like an idiot.  Thankfully, live TV proved that she is INDEED a total moron.
Lets get the “GOSH GEE GOLLY” out of dodge!

Sarah Palin, the dodge queen. Example:

Moderator:  “We have heard of your lack of experience being your Achille’s heel, but what in fact do you consider your Achille’s heel?”

Palin: “I am very knowledgeble in domestic oil and McCain will appoint me in charge of these matters.  Also,  I am a family person and have seen how American’s are in desperate need of relief.”

HOW IN THE HELL IS ANY OF THAT YOUR ACHILLE’S HEEL?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Sure, the above statement is not an exact quote, but its pretty much represents her answer.   Every one of her answers to Biden were about different subject than the one they were currently on.  Biden was talking about Iraq, Palin was talking about taxes. WTF?!?!?

Reality TV will ultimately be our downfall!

I do not watch Reality TV first hand, but have multiple family members who do and tell me about it constantly.  And what seems to happen on these shows is that someone important critiques someone who is crappy at what they do which in turn causes Americans to feel sorry and vote that person through to the next round.  Ultimately, these people don’t win the contest, but come damn close.  This can be seen especially in American Idol.  If Simon hates someone and they’re cute, you best bet your bippies to see them next week.

This could be how this election goes.  Palin is constantly under fire by everyone for her terrible interview and now I’m sure about the debate.  This could, and probably will, kick that pity switch in American’s heads which will then in turn cause them to vote for McCain/Palin.  Kinda like how you have that warm feeling in your stomach when you see an underdog come above the bullies.


*Now temporarily against my own statement, does anyone else think of the mom from Bobby’s World and Palin sound alot alike?


One Response to Sarah Palin… What was the topic again? Oh that’s right taxes!… I think

  1. speedmeisterp says:

    Everyone said Biden had to take it easy on her for the debate. Ok, she stepped up to the plate. Now I think its time to take her down WWF style. Everyone knows the only reason she did ok was because she’s been training for a couple of weeks and trained on standard answers. They wouldn’t even let her speak after the presidential debate. All I’m saying is that I cannot handle 4 years of a VP talking all “cute” like a 10 year old. “Soccer Mom” this and “Hockey Mom” this, “Maverick” is just a way of saying “Our party screwed the pooch”. We have some pretty important issues and I don’t think acting like a 10 year old is going to get us out of our problems or earn us respect throughout the world. I think its time to take her inexperienced butt out WWF style.

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