I’m tired of seeing those god forsaken MAC commercials!

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

“I’m a MAC, I’m cool, hip, and can have any girl I want!”  “I’m a PC, I have seasonal allergies and get off to WoW!”  Freaking stereotypical bullshit.  I refuse to watch any movies with Justin Long in them due to the fierce amount of anger I feel when I see him.  I don’t even understand how MACs can be trendy!
What is it that kids find so awesome in MACs?  Is it the awesome 1 button mouse?  Or perhaps how outrageously expensive they are?   Better yet, maybe the pretty multicolored loading wheel?

The only people I could possibly see owning a MAC is, at best, graphic art students due to the MAC’s hardware performance and exclusive software.  Otherwise, buy a freaking PC with Windows on it!  Hell, buy a PC and put Ubuntu on it!

It just drives me crazy of how high and mighty Apple thinks they are… Oh! well they did come out with the iPod, so therefore they must be the greatest thing since nipple slips.  Ipods, in my opinion, are the biggest rip off ever (with the exception of the iPod touch).  I recently bought a Sansa mp3 player which is basically an ipod for 3/4 of the price an iPod.  Why are people paying an extra 40-100 dollars for the apple logo?  Because they are slaves to trends.

I’m just glad that Microsoft has finally started firing back with their weird assed Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld and “I’m a PC” ads!

Let me know what you think on this subject by participating in my poll!

***BONUS POINTS****   Steve Jobs,  please wear a different colored shirt for the love of god!!!!!!!!!!!!


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