Are Video Games Making Me Lose My Head?… Pun intended

November 15, 2008

Much like most of the masses, I purchased Gears of War 2 for my 360 on Friday. I owned the first of the two and loved everything about it. Although, I did find one part of the game to be more appealing to me. EXPLODING HEADS. Shooting people in the head in Gears of War has to be the most enjoyable thing in life, in fact I don’t believe anyone can truly say they lived a fulfilling life until they pop the head off of a grub or a gear.


Its not really the sight of chunks flying, its more the sound that it makes that pleases me.  All of those that play Gears can agree that the sound of a headshot is awesome.  Usually when you hear the squishy popping noise of a head exploding, the sounds of players shouting, “OH SHIT” or “JESUS CHRIST” are soon followed

If you happen to join a game on live that I’m in, you better believe that I have the sniper rifle in my hand awaiting the moment that some poor chap stops to pick up grenades, or any weapon for that matter.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even close to the best sniper in the game, in reality I’m probably second to last.  The rarity of me actually getting a headshot makes the successful shots all the sweeter.

Advertisements…. Don’t be so proud…

November 7, 2008

Today I noticed an add on that was advertising a computer component.  A quick glance showed that this was no mere computer monitor.


Turns out it was a good-working Dell computer MONITAR!!! I’ve never actually seen a monitar before and was thrilled.  What sucks, is that I was going to buy it but don’t know the U.S. currency exchange for 15 DOLALRS

Can anybody help me out?!?!?!?!

*exit sarcasm*