Resize Windows Partitions with Ubuntu

Today at work I received a new Dell laptop for one of our employees. We normally split the HDD into two partitions (C: and D:). D: is used to hold all of the user’s data such as; word documents, pdf’s, etc… I didn’t want to go through the hassle of formatting the C: drive and then splitting it through the XP boot disk, so I did some research on alternate ways of accomplishing this task.  Most articles I found stated that Ubuntu Live disks worked incredibly well.  They couldn’t have been more right.

Resizing NTFS partitions with Ubuntu

  1. Insert Ubuntu Disk (I used 9.04)
  2. Reboot PC and when prompted boot from disk
  3. Click “Try Ubuntu without installing”
  4. Once booted into Ubuntu go to System  > Administration > Users and Groups
  5. Click on Root and then on Configure
  6. Create a password for root and click ok
  7. Open up a terminal window and type in su without the quotes and press enter
  8. Enter the root password you just configured and press enter
  9. type in gparted and press enter
  10. Once the gparted GUI launches, you’ll notice a graph of the HDD and how its split up in partitions.  Right click the partition you want to resize and click resize


  11. Once the new window opens, change the partition size to whatever you wish and click ok
  12. After step 11, you can either apply the changes and allocate the free space through windows or right click it and format it with NTFS.

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