Dolphin HD Browser for Android

Lately, I have been doing a lot of research on Android App alternatives for many of its prepackaged apps.  The default Android browser loads quickly and has a decent interface, but it’s overall boring and simple.  Dolphin is an awesome replacement for the standard Android web browser. It allows for quick bookmark access, “gesture” browsing, and tabbed browsing.

Bookmark Access

Compared to the default web browser in Android, Dolphin allows for an easier access to bookmarks. It is as simple as swiping your finger to the right of the screen.  Doing so will display a fully customizable list of your favorite webpages.

Once in the bookmark menu, you have a few options.  You can tap the bookmark you want so that it will open in the current tab, organize the order in which the bookmarks are listed, and edit the information on those bookmarks (URL, gesture pattern, etc…).

Gesture Browsing

This is the most innovative and cool part of this browser. Gestures are basically designs that you draw on top of the browser window.  The browser in turn associates that design to a URL or browser command and then executes it.  It’s easier to understand if you see it rather than try to imagine it.

In picture 1 you see that I have The Outro open.  The button in the lower left section of the screen is the gesture button.  Once you tap it, you’ll see picture 2.  *Note that the yellow squiggly attached to the pointer is the background for the gesture interface. Once you see this page you have to draw out the gesture that is associated with what you want to do.  In this instance, I drew out a cursive o and half of a cursive t (as seen in picture3) which I have set to open (as seen in picture4).  Picture 5 is proof that has opened.

Tabbed Browsing

This is a nice feature because it mimics the functionality of a desktop browser, like Firefox.   However, it isn’t as easy to use as Firefox.   To add a tab you have to click the plus sign located to the right of the open tab.  Once that is clicked, a window similar to that of the bookmark page with the addition of a URL box will open.  From there you can choose to open a bookmark or type in a custom URL.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Dolphin HD browser.  It is a very simple yet capable web browser that destroys the default Android browser and gives Opera mini a run for its money.

I give the Dolphin HD Browser a 4.5/5


2 Responses to Dolphin HD Browser for Android

  1. Michelle says:

    hi again! I just commented somewhere else. I swear I’m not a bot! What phone do you have now, in 2017? Are you still a Droid guy? I love my OnePlus One, it’s “old” by today’s standards but still works great. I’m fine w/Lineage OS but it doesn’t perform as well as Cyanogen. What browser did you end up going with? I have Brave and Orfox on mine. the end

    • The Jim Report says:

      Hi, Michele! Welcome to my site. I’m am still very much an Android guy. I’ve since moved up to the Google Pixel 2 XL. I mostly just run stock Android and Chrome.

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