Windows Premium 7 for almost half the price?

If I were to tell you that I could get you Windows Home Premium 7 onto your computer for the price of around $127, you’d probably think I was bootlegging it or out of my mind.  Crazy as I am, it seems that Microsoft could be cheating its customers, or at least so it seems.

Recently, I had a Sony Vaio laptop given to me with the task of repairing it.  Once repaired and returned to its owner, the owner stated, with disgust, that the laptop has run like crap since the day she bought it.  She asked if perhaps the laptop could have been a lemon.  “Its not the laptop,” I told her.  “Its most likely Windows Vista that’s making your computer run like crap.”

In desperation, she forked over the money for a Windows 7 Upgrade Disk. Once purchased, I took it home with the thought of what a headache I had before me.  According to Microsoft, I was going to have to format the computer with Vista, install drivers in Vista, and then upgrade to Windows 7 via the upgrade disk.  Turns out, that the Windows 7 Upgrade disk is bootable and has the same interface that you would expect from the Windows 7 Home Premium disk.  I was able to format the partition and install a fresh copy of Windows 7.  Let me remind you that I didn’t install this over top of Vista’s file system.

I haven’t been able to test this on any other machines yet, so it could have been a fluke.  So don’t rush out getting upgrade disks unless you have a legal copy of Vista or XP, just in case.  My only hope for this article is that it potentially saves you the $70+ you could be spending for a full Windows 7 disk.

If you attempt this install, please share your experience by commenting below!

*NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that although it is possible to install Windows 7 without having XP or Vista previously installed, it is ILLEGAL to install it without owning a copy of XP or Vista.


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