Two Beers. Two Reviews

October 9, 2008

I’m writing this now as I drink two different types of beer and attempt to play NCAA 09.  I’ll admit now that I’m terrible at playing NCAA and am extremely pissed because of the shit calls by referees and the AI.

Anyway, back to why I’m writing this.  Due to an excess amount of money this paycheck, I have decided to buy two different types of beer and review them for my wordpress viewers (if I have any.)  The two types of beer I’ve bought are Stella Artois (a Belgium Lager), and Dundee Oktoberfest. This only reflects my tastes and in no way am I a professional taste tester.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois

Stella Artois which is self described as a  “Belgium Lager Beer” is only half of what it claims to be.  It’s, in my opinion, more beer than lager.  To be honest, it isn’t too bad even though it lacks in the lager taste.  Stella Artois at first tastes like seltzer water with a hint of hops.  But, after getting through half of the bottle it began to grow on me.

Recommendations: If you are someone who likes alot of alcohol for your buck, this is pretty efficient at killing brain cells.  With a alcohol percentage of 5.2%, this beer seems to compensate its lack of taste with its alcohol content.
Cost: Stella Artois costs only $7.25 in Central Pennsylvania which is relatively low for an imported beer.

Rate: 6/10

Dundee Oktoberfest

Dundee Oktoberfest

Dundee Oktoberfest is a formidable player in the seasonal beer category.  It has a very thick stout taste much like Sam Adams Octoberfest.  Although its texture is much like Sam Adams’ version, its taste is very much the opposite.   It has a mediocre porter taste to it with a hint of pumpkin spice (or so it seems.)

Recommendation: I recommend this for anyone who is a beer enthusiast.  That is, anyone who enjoys beer for its taste and not for its effects.  Although, Oktoberfest does have a  5.5% alcohol content which is higher than most of its counterparts, it is, in my opinion, better savored slowly.

Cost: $8.25

Rate: 7/10